Help Spread the mission


Beautycounter started with one Mission:

To get safer products into the hands of everyone.

Education First. Sales Second.

Based on our own research, less than 20% of Americans even know that the products they are using everyday can be harmful.

There are over 10,000 chemicals having never been tested for safety being used in personal care products today.

And many of those chemicals are linked to cancer.

Shouldn’t women and men going through cancer know this? I believe they should so they can move forward with their own decisions and start using better products.

By funding the purchase of 1 lip conditioner, you will push the first domino of the education conversation.

And plant that first seed of knowledge while also simply showing an act of kindness with a small gift.

For every donation of $25, this is what the ONE patient will receive and our goal is 80 patients.

  1. Free Beautycounter makeup bag ($8 value)

  2. One Lip Conditioner in Calendula ($22 value)

  3. One pocket sized trifold info packet containing info on the lack of regulation + lack of safety in personal care products. ($1 value)

  4. Small box of tissues ($.50 value)

  5. Handwritten note of encouragement. (Priceless)

I have set up the Donate button to include 1 donation up to 6. If you would like to make more, choose the different amount at the bottom.

Use the “Donate” link below so you can get a receipt before the 31st.

Don’t forget to include your email at checkout so I can personally thank you.

Will you help us reach our 80 patients?

Happy New Year and thank you for spreading the mission of safer beauty.

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