The Last Year the Federal Government passed a law to regulate cosmetics was in 1938?

The European Union Bans 1300 known chemicals and carcinogens from being used in their products.

The U.S. Only Bans…..30

There have been over 80,000 chemicals introduced into our market place since WWII, less than 10% of them have EVER been tested for safety and most of them are in personal care products and makeup.

Hey There, my name is Cat.
I’m guessing safer beauty is not what originally brought you to my website today.

I’m primarily a fitness coach and my passion is health, fitness and overall wellness.

But when I found out about the dirty little secrets in the makeup, skin care, and fragrance industry
almost 10 years ago, I was shocked and quickly became an advocate, sharing everything I knew and
replacing everything in my bathroom to cleaner products.

I was that person dumping everything in the trash can and starting anew.

But then I ran into a problem.

I kind of got bored with the “natural and non toxic” look and performance of the products that were currently on the market. The color, performance, packaging, marketing and beautiful display of the “toxic stuff” drew me back in. I thought to myself “It’s really not that bad, what’s a little makeup going to do, I don’t wash my face every night, what I’m eating is way more important that what I’m putting on my face, and…..I’ll just sweat it out.”

So I went back to my brand name, overly priced “chemical” products for about 5 years all the while knowing
in the back of my mind, they were “bad.”

Then, about 2 years ago, I was introduced to a company doing things differently.

They wanted to make makeup and skin care safe by stricter standards, but still maintain the beautiful branding, packaging, and high performance we all love to “ooh and ahh” over.

Products are a personal logo. We, women, are very picky when it comes to our products.

But they are also a very misunderstood and sheltered industry when it comes to the
ingredients being used and what women know about it.

Here are just a few issues at hand when
it comes to personal care products:

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market. 
With more being introduced every single day.
And the reality is most of these chemicals have never been tested for safety. 

The average woman uses 12 products containing 168 unique ingredients every day*

12.2 million adults – one of every 13 women and one of every 23 men – are exposed to ingredients
that are known or probable human carcinogens every day through their use of personal care products.*

One of every 24 women, 4.3 million women altogether, are exposed daily to personal care product ingredients
that are known or probable reproductive and developmental toxins, linked to impaired fertility or
developmental harm for a baby in the womb or a child.*

Lotions, perfumes, scrubs, hair products, toothpastes, deodorants, makeup, sunscreens...
These are among the 16 products women are using on a daily basis.
A self regulated multi Billion dollar industry.

And you're the guinea pig.

If that weren't bad enough, The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients
used in personal care products since 1938 (pre WWII when none of these chemicals existed). 
The European Union bans 1400 ingredients and Health Canada is up to 600.

What about the United States?
 We only ban 30.
Disappointing, isn’t it?

So what are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing or want to look for
when it comes to chemicals being used in products?

Here are just a few:

Hormone disruption
Breast Cancer
Headaches or Migraines
Birth Defects
Low Birth Weight
Allergies and Asthma
Organ toxicity 

But, here’s the good news

There are more and more companies “coming clean” and offering better safer products that you can choose and use,
but the leader in the safer beauty movement and the company I have chosen to
partner and advocate for is Beautycounter.
I have yet to find products comparable to their standards for safety and performance.

Beautycounter has banned more than 1500 ingredients that they have deemed unsafe, following the EU,
Health Canada and their own personal research findings to formulate their “Never List” of products.

Having done partnerships with JCrew, Serena and Lily and most recently,
Target (as a small capsule collection in retail stores),
Beautycounter is paving the way for safer beauty and setting a
new standard for bathroom counters all across the country.

How to Get Started

Now that you know you want to start cleaning up your makeup bag and
revamping your bathroom counter, what do you start with?
Transitioning to safer products should be fun, easy, and exciting.
I’ve put together some of my favorite products and sets for easy, simple ordering.


Rejuvenating Collection

Many scientists agree skin care and moisturizers are among the first things to begin switching over once moving towards safer products. 65% of the ingredients are absorbed directly into our bloodstream.

This is set is my personal favorite and comes with a Cleanser, Toner Pads, Serum, and Day Cream.

Plus, purchase this set and receive a free product of choice from a Charcoal mask, Overnight Peel, or Cleansing balm.


Flawless in Five

Get the top selling must have makeup products in the colors of your choice. And save $37.

These are absolutely the best products to get started with if you want to start cleaning up your make up.

Heavy metals are abundant in most make up. At Beautycounter, we third party test all the final products for trace to 0 amount of heavy metals.

Set comes with these 6 products in the colors of your choice:

Tint Skin (foundation)
Brow Pencil
Lip Gloss


The CounterMatch Collection

One of my favorite collections for performance and price,
The Countermatch Collection is the ultimate solution for hydrated, radiant, and youthful-looking skin, thanks to its age-preventing and vibrancy-boosting benefits. Powered by Bio-Mimic Technology, each product harnesses the unique life-giving properties of plants to match the composition of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn't.


CounterControl Collection

Who’s the young girl in your life?

The CounterControl Collection was created with acne prone or teen skin in mind. Growing reproductive systems don’t need a bunch of chemicals messing with their hormones. Formulated safe and without all the typical chemicals in acne products.

Safety and performance in one set.

Want more info on specials, promotions, and how you can easily switch to a safer lifestyle? I'll get you started with the top 16 ingredients you should trash immediately and provide safer replacements you can buy or make yourself. 


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