Juices Vs. Smoothies- Which is better?


Have you ever wondered what the big difference is between a juice and a smoothie?

I find people use these 2 terms interchangeably, but there are notable differences.

Is one better than the other? Not really. It all depends on your personal preference, your goals, your daily schedule and your appetite.

Here are some of the main differences in each one.



  1. Smoothies Contain Fiber

    When you make a smoothie, you throw everything in there and blend it right up. I remember when I was watching a demo for a VitaMix (that I ended up purchasing), he said “you can even throw the entire apple into the blender”. I thought about that for a minute and it’s obviously stuck with me all these years. That means you would be consuming the seeds, the stem and the skin all in one drink. Wow - Johnny Appleseed would have nothing on me.

    But what does that also mean? It also means you’re consuming all the fiber. When you juice an apple, you consume none of that. Some people prefer the fiber in a drink because it slows the absorption of the sugar in the fruit. This is why eating and chewing an apple is completely different than drinking the juice. It enters your bloodstream differently.

  2. Smoothies are made in blenders

    This may be pretty obvious but even if your drink is thin and not thick, it’s still a smoothie. Blenders just blend everything together and extract nothing from the fruit or veggie. Juices are made in Juicers.

  3. Smoothies allow for “the sneak.”

    What’s better? Making a protein shake and dropping 2 handfuls of spinach in there or getting out your bowl and chewing 2 handfuls of spinach?
    I think we all know the answer here especially if you have children. We’ve all used a smoothie to get some unwanted veggies into our kids bellys. If you haven’t, you will.
    Smoothies allow us to jam back our bellys with good nutritious food that we may not want or have time to sit down, chew, and consume. This makes them an awesome portable meal when you’re on the go.

  4. You can’t juice a banana

    Smoothies are great for things we can’t juice like bananas, protein powders, collagen, nut butters, and flax seeds.
    You can throw all of these into a blender and mix it right up. Easy, fast, nutritious.



  1. Juicing is incredibly healing

    When we juice, we get a straight shot of all the micronutrients available within the veggie or fruit without consuming all the fiber. This also means a juice goes into your bloodstream a lot faster than a smoothie. This is why some people can consume 6-7 juices in one day on a juice cleanse. Because you don’t get that full feeling from the fiber like you do with a smoothie.

  2. Juicing allows us to consume more than we normally would.

    Juicing allows our bodies to consume the second most important part of our daily nutrition - our MICROnutrients- at a much faster and concentrated rate. The 3 most important parts of foods are the protein, carbs and fats, called MACROnutrients. But micronutrients are just as important and mineral deficiences are very common today since so much of our soil for growing food has been depleted. The amount of beta carotene in a carrot today is not the same as it was 25 years ago. Therefore, juicing is a more effective way to get more nutrients absorbed. The juice of 5-8 carrots is easier to prepare and consume than sitting down and eating 5-8 carrots.

  3. Juicing gives your body digestive rest

    Again, when we remove the fiber by juicing, this means your body does not have to break it down. This is super convenient for someone doing a cleanse or fasting. Consuming veggie juices will not break your fast. It’s important to stick with mostly veggies though. Too much fruit can break your fast because it will spark an insulin response. It’s important to stay away from “veggie” juices with tons of fruits in them.

  4. Juicing can clear up your skin

    Skin problems for many people is related to the state of the gut and the digestive tract. When that is in disarray or not functioning properly, we can not properly absorb our nutrients from food. Plus, upset bellies often mean we aren’t producing enough enzymes to break down our food properly. Juicing bypasses all the need for digestion and stomach acid and goes straight to our bloodstream. It can give our body the necessary “food” to clear up our skin.

So what’s your favorite? Juices or Smoothies… Comment below on your favorite methods. And if you’re interested in a juice cleanse, check out the one from the Weekly Juicery. They are the only fresh and cold pressed, small batch, USDA Certified Organic juice delivered straight to your door.