Dairy Free Turmeric Latte (similar to Golden Milk)


I recently decided to make the attempt at giving up my morning coffee that I love with half and half in it. I’ve tried all the non dairy creamers and nothing beats real cream and milk. Giving up coffee was 2 fold. The coffee itself to see if anything changed because I know caffeine and coffee can over act your adrenals. And second, the dairy.

In all honesty, I would barely make it through one cup in the mornings, but I was so addicted to making coffee, sitting and reading and drinking my warm delicious drink. I looked forward to it the next morning when I went to bed at night. Crazy, I know.

I tried tea and other things and I just love the creaminess of coffee with dairy in it. I love a good latte!

I’m also currently reading Tony Robbin’s book Awaken the Giant Within. It’s a super big book he wrote in the 90’s so it’s also fairly “old” but there are so many lessons in there about behaviors.

How does this relate to turmeric lattes you ask?

Simple. I’m currently reading the part about changing behaviors. So as I studied myself more, I thought “maybe it’s really not the coffee that I so love. It’s the FEELING I get from drinking the coffee. So If I can recreate that feeling with another drink, maybe that will work.

Introducing the Turmeric Latte. One may say it’s similar to Golden Milk, which it kind of is, but golden milk can leave a gritty consistency. This, instead, is smooth and creamy.

Turmeric is also a cancer and inflammation fighter, whereas coffee offers you none of those benefits. Coffee can actually be as source of inflammation.

So if you’re trying to drink less coffee like me, maybe give this a shot. I hope you enjoy.


1 teabag of Numi turmeric tea (you can use any brand if you like)

1 T of vanilla protein powder

2 T of coconut butter (you could try cocoa butter here too, but I haven’t yet)

1 T of date sugar, coconut sugar, or monk fruit sweetener

Dairy free creamer of choice (optional)

couple dashes of cinnamon (don’t be shy here!)

real vanilla beans (optional)


Brew the tea and let steep as usual…2-3 minutes

Pour hot tea into a high speed blender

Add the remaining ingredients

If you want to get really crazy, stir in some vanilla beans after blending

Pour into a mug, top with cinnamon and enjoy