3 Ways to Shorten Your Workouts and Still Get Results


We’ve have all used the age old excuse “I don’t have time to workout.” 


Exercise is definitely something we all need to be making time for, but in a culture that is go go go with more distractions and demands on us than ever, our workouts can sometimes be the last thing to check off our list. 


And let’s be honest, it’s not necessarly something we may look forward to. It pushes our body, makes us uncomfortable in the moment, and can be a place of weakness for a lot of us. 


When we don’t have a plan right in front of us of exactly what to do, we simply just don’t do it. 


My personal goal is to not be in the gym for more than 1 hour. If I am, I choose to be. It’s not because my workouts are that long. Maybe I’m feeling extra spunky, energetic or just want to up my game that day. 


So, I’ve put together the top 3 things I do in the gym to make my sweat sessions go faster, but still remain effective. 

Super Charge your cardio session

When we get on a cardio machine, we are typically getting into an aerobic state and tapping first into glycogen for energy, then into triglycerides (fat). 

But aerobic states don’t usually get our heart rate into a “fat burning zone” where it needs to be like Anaerobic states do. 


So instead of spending 30 min - 1 hour in a steady state on a cardio machine, decrease your time to 15-30 min max with burst or sprint training. 


What does that look like? 


It means sprinting or going full speed for 20 -30 seconds and then resting for 40-30 seconds. Repeating that cycle for the time you wish- anywhere from 15-30 min. If you’re a beginner to exercise, you can even start with 10 minutes. 


You will get way more cardio benefits and fat burning benefits doing it this way plus you’ve lessoned your time on the machine. That’s music to my ears. 


I don’t recommend sprints on a treadmill unless you’re going to spread out the run/sprint cycle to something like run for 2 min, sprint for 30 seconds-1 min. And repeat that for the same amount of time. 


Rest less in between strength training moves

If you’re only doing cardio and not doing strength training, I urge you to reconsider, sister! 


Strength training builds lean muscle mass and burns more calories in a resting state than fat. Don’t we all want our bodies to be burning more while we sleep and watch movies? 


And you won’t get all bulky like many women believe. We don’t have the same hormones as men, so we won’t grow our muscles the same. 


Strength training can also make you feel stronger and like a Boss. 


A typical weight session includes moves, reps and sets. 

 A move is the actual move you’re doing such as a bicep curl. 

 A rep is how many times you are going to do it such as 10 reps of a bicep curl. 

 A set is how many 10 reps you’re going to do. 


For example, bicep curls (the move): 3 sets of 10 reps (This means you’ll be doing a total of 30 with rest in between each 10)


So here’s what will shorten your workout


Resting LESS in between sets. 


If you’re a normal person, you’ll do a set of 10, then decide to check that email or reply back to your friend about the weekend. Or do a quick glace on Facebook to like or comment on that cute baby picture. 

But here’s the deal. That quick glance or reply can turn into 1-2 min when you should have only been resting for 30 seconds. 


Put your phone away when strength training and just wait the 30 seconds. It won’t kill you to sit there. It may make you feel super weird, but just think back to 1999 when we didn’t even have these little tiny distractions. All we had was the music….


And then you’ll literally shave off 15-20 min from your workout. 

Put your phone on Airplane mode during workouts

Speaking of those tiny little distractions, if you can’t resist checking your phone, just switch that baby over to airplane mode. You’ll still be able to listen to any downloaded music. In fact, I encourage you to make a playlist in iTunes of music that gets you pumped. (No one has to know you’re listening to the Rocky theme song)


FOCUS for your allotted time at the gym or home and get it done. 


Set a timer if you need to. 


Multi tasking, as praised as it is in women, actually sucks up your time because we end up not giving the proper focus to any of our tasks.  You’re just giving minimal effort to each thing, which will only lead to minimal results.  


The email can wait. The comment can wait. The text can wait. 


Try these tips and before you know it, you’re done in 30-45 minutes. 


In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® we are always breaking up our cardio days and strength training days. They are not combined. This minimizes time working out as well. 


We pair HIIT workouts with low carb days and strength training with regular macro (protein, carbs and fats) days for optimal fat and weight loss. 


I hope you found this helpful. 


Now I want to hear from you. 


Comment below on if you do both of these forms of exercise and if your phone is a distraction for you. I would love to know.


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